From the Desk of Pastor Sheryl K. Ashley

As I sit at this desk, in a pastor's office which used to intimidate me as a parishioner about 30 years ago, I am amazed that I feel right at home, as if I've always been here.  What a different 30 years makes, right?  What joy to be back here in the Anthon UMC, where is all began for me so long ago, but which seems only yesterday when the SPRC voted I could enter into the process of becoming a United Methodist Pastor!  And so I did and so I began fulfilling the calling of a lifetime.

Here is where I became a United Methodist.  Here is where I taught Sunday School.  Here is where I was president of UMW, sang in the choir, became the church secretary and finally the Associate Pastor for a short while.  God has plans we never suspect until it all comes to pass.  

Now it's my turn to invite people into this office.  It is my turn to make them feel as at home as I do.  It is my turn to cover them in prayer, offer compassion, and preach the Word from the Anthon pulpit.  What a privilege to be entrusted with offering guidance to the wonderful and welcoming Anthon UMC people who work so willingly in such busy times to live out their faith in encouraging ways.

If you desire warm fellowship flowing from the real presence of Jesus Christ in our midst, you are invited to join in the gathering on Sunday morning at 10 AM, which branch out in to other opportunities for faith growth.

Or, come see me in my office at my desk.  I would enjoy getting to know you and I would like to introduce you to this place an these people who are very much a family united in Jesus Christ.